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2020 was a challenging year for legal departments. Workloads increased and evolved as legal teams adapted to the changing needs of their organizations. The 2021 State of Corporate Law Departments (SCLD) Report looked at the enormous impact COVID-19 had on legal departments and found that there was a significant shift in the demand for outside counsel, driven in part by the need to control spend. As legal departments adapt to new circumstances, the SCLD Report findings show that law departments can demonstrate their value to their organization by utilizing metrics around choosing and managing outside service providers, and implementing proactive spend management programs.

Key takeaways include: 

  • How and why the shift in demand for outside counsel happened
  • How and what metrics to use to manage outside counsel providers.
  • How technology can help you determine the right KPIs and track them clearly.

Meghan Fish,
Legal Operations Coordinator,
Ryan Albregts,
Senior Legal Operations Manager,
Moderator: Kelsey Nicol, Proposition Manager, Corporates Legal, Thomson Reuters